UnfoldU:Delivering Advanced and Quality Education at Economical Cost

CIO Vendor The online education domain is all set to become worth 1.96 billion dollars by 2021, according to a joint research conducted by Google and KPMG recently. This sector is growing at an excellent pace with the increased usage of mobile phones and the cheap availability of internet.

The evolution of advancing technologies like data analytics and artificial intelligence has redefined the way education and its content is delivered as it can be easily customized to suit individual student needs. The emergence of multiple learning channels and the continual need for students to learn new techniques or improve existing skills, all in a bid to increase their intellect, are some of the other trends that are reshaping the academic landscape. However, online education vendors have a lot to learn in the Indian market. The current content available online has been developed only for select intelligent students and lacks the capability of teaching every student as per his/her unique needs.

“Generally the kind of study material that is offered in the market is such that only the intelligent students can study from it because of the high-level content,” opines Harish Bajaj, Chairman of UnfoldU. The online education vendors are struggling to meet the requirements of every education board in India. A vision of Harish Bajaj and his father Shri Ram Chandra Bajaj, Punjab based UnfoldU acts as an innovative educational platform that meets these requirements of both parents and the students for a successful education. Surpassing other vendors in this domain and rapidly climbing up the success ladder, UnfoldU informs us that it is the only organization that is offering study material for CBSE, ICSE and all state boards in both Hindi and English languages. Mr Harish Bajaj, with an entrepreneurial spirit at heart, adds, “We have designed the course such that it not only helps the students retain the concept but also increases their interest in the subject.”

The company started its functioning in 2012, and is being professionally managed by a board of qualified directors who command industry-rich knowledge and a deep expertise in different fields. Revealing the story of the company’s inception, Mr Harish Bajaj tells us how his father, Shri Bajaj strongly believed that education is the most essential part of the Indian culture and every child has the right to education and thus UnfoldU was established to make education available to all. The company was brought to life with the aim to make education easily accessible and affordable for all students and parents so that students can discover their hidden potential. The company, with a strong foundation in the education sector, is engaged in the creation and distribution of study material to spread knowledge to every doorstep by successfully replacing the traditional classrooms and expensive tuitions. The company conducts its business by facilitating its clientele with free net based basic knowledge and provides advanced level education at nominal charges.

Revolutionizing education and learning at all levels
Understanding the solution better, the platform aims to provide quality educational service that recognizes the different needs of all students in a geographically dispersed environment. The current courses offered are KG to 12 Maths, Science, SST, Commerce, Humanities and test series for a broad range of competitive exams. Perfectly placed in this segment, the key features enabled by the end-to-end and futuristic platform are the step by step explanation provided through videos, solutions for the questions in the chapter, revision notes for exam time, test questions in the form of multiple choice questions, solved board papers from the past years included in the library of information provided, glossary, translation of mathematical symbols, discussion room and a host of features specifically designed into the portal in order to develop the students’ interest in studies.
“Our company UnfoldU aims to revolutionize education and learning at all levels by changing the way it is practiced. With our team of around 100 experts, we provide 24x7 round the year excellent understandable study material by an interactive method to students with a minimized financial burden on the parents,” adds Harish. The most notable feature of the UnfoldU course is that it is available in the online mode on the company website while simultaneously being available as an app designed for smartphones. In addition to that, the course is also accessible as an offline app so it is not compulsory that the student needs a proper internet connection to study. The website has been engineered to ensure that parents receive a holistic report about the duration studied by the student, number of questions solved by the student, and a complete detailed report of which video has been watched and how many times. The system has been developed by Harish to not just assist students in achieving a great education at affordable costs but parents can also earn from it as their child studies. By generating referral incomes, the parents can even dream of making their child’s higher education free of cost.

With Our Team of Around 100 Experts, We Provide 24x7 Round the Year Excellent Understandable Study Material by an Interactive Method to Students With Minimized Financial Burden on the Parents

The financial burden on parents is also reduced. Harish explains the concept, “It is a very unique opportunity where the parents can earn by generating referrals and making sales. Till date, there is no company in the market who thought of helping the parents as well. Moreover, our courses are very affordable. So it is a double bonanza for parents and students where one can learn and another can earn.” One of the major challenges in this sector is to establish the faith of parents on the effectiveness of interactive learning as most people are more inclined towards the conventional methods of teaching and thus making them aware of the benefits of online learning has proven to be a hurdle to a flourishing education. But the company’s unmatched quality of services and a highly skilled team with deep expertise in this arena have enabled UnfoldU to steer the parents away from the traditional outlook towards education and attain a leading position. Currently, the study material extended to the students is in Hindi and English languages and the team has directed their energy towards working on providing the content in all languages of the country in the near future.

The Path Ahead
Determined to contribute to the advancements in this segment, the company has started its project for countries like Canada and India, and intend to penetrate the market of nine other countries across the globe: Canada, USA, Australia, England (UK), Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and the Middle East. The company was recently listed on the OTC Pre Markets and has projected a huge demand for its shares. Understandably so, the company has commanded a valuation of close to 1.3 billion dollars as of October last year.

As the competition within the market intensifies, UnfoldU is focused on being recognized as an innovative digital learning solutions provider with a unique approach towards imparting education to the young minds of today. And to further solidify its presence, the company plans on launching English and computer learning courses for the students shortly.